Armenia (Quindío)
Peñas Blancas is an outcrop of rock, 280 meters high and 300 meters wide, located 10 kilometers from Armenia, on the outskirts of Calarca´s town. It is divided in three big stages with 90 meters each. The rock is a mixture of very thin plutonic granite (which doesn`t hold a mineral called mica, but a milky quartz and alkali feldspars which gives its white color) and limestone. There you will find about 10 routes, classic and sports climbing going from 5.7 to 5.12b US (5 to 7b French).

The best weather is from June to September and from December to February.

There are a few places nearby where you can camp or rent a room at the farm (la finca), where they also offer breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegetarian), also snacks and stuff like that. It is very cheap to stay there: $5.000 per night per person camping, or renting a private room from $7.000 to $25.000/ night. (The $7.000 room is nice; not bad but in the $25.000 room is prettier, the bed is nicer, it has hot water and it includes breakfast.)

How to get there:    

You get to Calarcá region, 10 minutes away from Armenia, where you take a bus or a turn (for a Willys jeep) towards La Virginia. In approximately 15mins. You get to the last stop and you go up a path that leads to the Eco- Park Peñas Blancas. There you pay the entrance $3.000, which includes a parking place and the maintenance of trails. From there you will se the rocks that are 30 minutes away.

What to take with you:    
Mosquito repellent, around 9 quickdraws or long slings, and a long one for the anchor. For classic climbing you will need all sizes friends and nuts, predominating the small ones.


More info. Please contact:

Liga de Escalada y Montañismo del Quindío. Mobile phones: 3113064224, 3003929135, 3103947310, 3116381696,, –
Sebastián Pérez Marín

in Bogotá:
Cristian Aristizabal 3012014364

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